With all the excitement for this upcoming Sunday, I had to write something about the upcoming AFC Conference Championship between the beloved Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos. It should be a good matchup. I have confidence in the Steelers, but I would not put money on the game. I have been let down too many times by the Steelers. That said, if the Steelers can establish the passing game early and put pressure on Jake Plummer, I think things will turn out fine and they will be Super Bowl bound.

The last time the Steelers went to the Super Bowl was my freshman year of college. I refused to watch the game at any parties or large groups of people, instead I stayed in my dorm room to watch the game in peace. The Steelers were big underdogs to the Cowboys. However, the Steelers had a great chance to win the game if it wasn’t for Neil O’Donnell’s two horrendous interceptions.

As for this season, I can confidently say two things. First of all, Big Ben could probably walk up to almost any female in Pittsburgh and get a yes answer to a marriage proposal. Also, if the Steelers manage to win the Super Bowl, there will be a boom on the name Ben in the city.