The Ups and Downs of Writing

I have been working on a submission to a short story/collaborative writing contest for my local newspaper, The Centre Daily Times. As a beginning writer, I have noticed this is a very emotional process for me.

I started off with a pretty good idea for my submission, and felt as though I was the greatest writer of all time.  Ideas were coming to me one after the other and it all sounded so clever.

Then, I would hit a block and would have trouble deciding where the story should progress.  It was then that I felt as though I was a terrible writer and would never accomplish anything with my writing and I should just stick to programming and databases, which I think I am skilled at.

I am the same way with sports.  I can score a couple goals in hockey and feel likeI am finally becoming a decent player.  Then, I will not score in a few games and I feel like I am embarrasing myself.

This is what I struggle with constantly, and I doubt I will ever get over these feelings.  At least I recognize this pattern in myself. Right?