The Quest for 25 Goals

In addition to writing, another one of my hobbies is playing ice hockey. I play in a no-check (which is debatable) adult ice hockey league once or twice a week, depending on my team’s schedule. Since we play on the same ice as the Penn State Icers, youth hockey teams, and figure skaters, we get the leftover ice times such as 6:00 AM on Saturdays and 10:45 PM on Sundays. I would consider myself a decent player. I would like to think that my play is improving from season to season.

Last season, my friend Carey, who plays on my team, challenged me to score 25 goals. Although I came up short and only scored 20 goals, it was the most goals I have scored in a season. So, I have challenged myself to improve on that 20 goals and score 25 this year. Thus far, I have 11 goals in 19 games played. My team has 17 games remaining. It will be tough, but I think I can pull it off. The key will be for me to have a few multi-goal games, which would take the pressure off of me to score in every game.

I will update this page periodically with my progress. Our next game is Saturday.