Television is my Nemesis

I have come to the conclusion that television is the #1 enemy of my writing. Every day during work I think about going home, eating some dinner and spending some time with my wife and then spending a little time doing some writing. Once I get home, however, everything changes.

Usually what happens is that I get home, cook dinner, and then sit down in front of the television for “just a couple minutes”. Before I know it, it is time to go to sleep. This process is pretty much the same every day. It is even worse on days that the Penguins are on television. That almost certainly keeps me away from writing for the entire night.

Why do I watch television rather than write? Here is a list:

  1. It is easier to watch t.v. that to write. Why create something, when I can just consume something already created by someone else?
  2. The couch is in front of the t.v, which is much cozier than an office chair in front of the computer
  3. Writing is scary. There is no way to fail at writing, if I never try.
  4. Mental fatigue. Spending all day staring at a computer and using my brain, it is nice to sit in front of the television and not use my brain at all.

Anyhow, this is my list. Does anyone else have anything to add? Maybe someday I can vanquish my nemesis.