Write While the Spark is There

I have read several books that discuss “How to write” in the past year. Most of them recommend advise a writer to write while an idea is hot. This advice holds true for my writing.

A couple weeks ago, I had a hockey game at 7:45 AM. While I was gettting ready for my game I had an idea for a short story that I felt would make a really good short story. On my drive to my game I was coming up with great ideas, almost writing the whole thing in my head.

Once my game was over, I was too tired to write the story, but I could still remember all of the details and I might have even wrote a few of the details on paper, thinking that would be enough for me to recapture the feeling I had when I first had the story idea.

Once it came time to write the story, however, the spark was gone. I tried to put all my ideas together, but I just didn’t have the same feeling about the character that I had on my drive to my hockey game.

As I have posted before, it is sometimes a struggle for me to sit down to write. My advice to myself, and anyone else is that if you have a good story idea that you feel strongly about, write as much as you can as soon as you are able. Otherwise, your spark may not come back.