Deadlines are my friend

While working on a submission to a short story contest for the Centre Daily Times (see the posts below) I have come to realize I work best under a deadline.  I think, for me, a deadline is my best defense against my writer’s block/laziness.

I need to find some way to set guidelines for myself in order for me to be more productive with my time.  Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Deadlines are my friend

  1. Try picking a date on a calendar and then writing with permanent marker that the project is due on that day. And then tape the calendar to your forehead so everybody else can see it.

    That last step is optional.

  2. Routine. I’m sure there are people out there that can write on hectic and wishy-washy schedules, but not me. If I allowed myself to write for my blog whenever I wanted to, I would end up not posting for days, or weeks, at a time.

    My routine starts right after my day job (which is similar to yours) ends. I come home everyday, and do pretty much the exact same things up until 7:30 or so (i.e., coffee, music, laptop, write, write, write). I allow flexibility, of course, but not much. It’s not a matter of working anymore, it’s more of a habit now. It’s just something I do.

    I rarely have writers block during my blogging hours, and my personal writing hours. I think this is attributed to the routine. Make sense?

    Let me know how it turns out.


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