Goals are Important

I am a believer in setting goals for myself in my life, whether it be at work, in my writing, or in sports. These goals need to have a few characteristics: they need to be attainable, they need to be measurable, and they need to advance me to my next goal. I find setting goals makes a task more interesting, and also allows myself to feel good about myself when I meet a goal.

I was thinking about this today and I asked myself this question, “What is my goal as a writer?”. Below I have listed some possibilities and what I believe is my initial writing goal.

  • Have a novel published
  • This is probably the goal of many an aspiring writer. However, it doesn’t fit for me. First of all, before I can have a novel published, I have to write a novel. Second of all, it seems to me that having a novel published is out of my control. I could write a great novel, but that does not guarantee any publishers would be willing to publish the story.

  • Make money as a writer
  • This again is a nice goal and probably shared by many writers. I have read many times how difficult it is to make money as a writer. Besides, I already have a full time job.

  • Complete a story
  • Whether you define a story as a short story, novella or novel, I like this goal for a few reasons. One, it is up to me whether I succeed or fail in completing a story. Second, if I do complete a story, then I have a basis for the above two goals.

People motivate themselves in different ways. For me, as a beginning writer, I need to set small attainable goals for myself. I am curious as to what types of goals other writers set for themselves.

4 thoughts on “Goals are Important

  1. I’ve got two goals that I’m kind of playing with right now.
    1) Edit short story that I wrote and start sending it to some places.
    2) Finish a 80,000 word novel buy my birthday NEXT year (March 14, 2007). I’m working on some outline and character sketch type of things until my birthday this year, and then I’m going to give it a run.

    Buy the way, I add a link to you on my site. If you want me to edit it or take it down for any reason, please let me know.

  2. Wow. I like the new layout. It reminds me of what I would expect newspapers to look like in a steampunk novel. I think it’s the calendar that does it for me.

    I saw the link to Project Gutenberg. I love the concept of that place. If you want a new way to eat up all of your free time, check out http://www.pgdp.net/c/default.php

    This is the site where anybody can edit the scanned books that get fed to Project Gutenberg. I was addicted to editing the pages for a couple months. Very mind-numblingly comfortable.

  3. Kalbzayn,
    Thanks for the comments about the new look. I like this one as well. It is actually one of the templates on wordpress.com.

    I will take a look at that link. Just what I need, another way to use up my time 🙂

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