Short Story Contest – Chapter 4

I have completed my submission for my local newspaper’s collaborative short story contest. We were to write Chapter 4 of the seven part story. A link to Chapter 3 is here: Link . In working on my submission I tried to add a little humor to the story that I believe it has been lacking. I try each time to take the story in a different direction than the previous writer may have had in mind. Let me know what you think.
Here is my Chapter 4:

“Johnny, where are you?” Scott called out into the darkness. He knew the general direction of where he had last heard Johnny’s voice, but worried Johnny was hiding somewhere waiting leap out and scare him, with that goofy grin on his face. For some reason, this scared Scott more than whatever secret his brother Sam was hiding.

Scott was curious as to what Johnny had discovered, so he continued searching for his friend. Just as Scott stumbled upon Johnny’s limp body, Scott spied out of the corner of his eye the blur of movement of what looked like a large tree limb. Attached to the limb was a large hand that seemed to reach out of the darkness, covering Scott’s face. As he was losing consciousness, Scott wondered to himself, “I think I was just jumped by a Wookie.”

The police had been sporadically receiving reports of a tall hairy creature that had been roaming the trails of Spruce Creek. They had reluctantly investigated the calls, figuring it was probably a couple of kids with too much time on their hands. It wasn’t until a dead body was found that they started to take the situation seriously. Soon the police department went into cover-up mode, trying to avoid the hysteria that would surely accompany the story of a murderous, big foot type creature loose in Centre County.

“What happened?” Scott thought to himself as he attempted to stand, using a nearby tree to keep himself vertical. As he stood, Scott reached up and brushed long brown hairs on his face. Goosebumps formed on Scott’s arms as he glanced at the full moon, which produced the only light in the dark forest.

Whatever clue Johnny had stumbled upon earlier was now nowhere to be found as Scott looked down at Johnny’s motionless body, nudging him lightly to get his attention. Johnny did not respond. Scott put his hand on Johnny’s back, which was moving slowly up and down. Relieved that Johnny was still breathing, Scott realized that they were in over their heads. “I need to talk with Sam,” Scott said to no one in particular.

It was then that Scott started to panic. How was he going to get Johnny out of the woods? If he could get him to civilization, what was he going to tell Sam? These were the questions in Scott’s mind as he ran back to where they had left the car. Though they had hidden the car in the thick underbrush, Scott easily found the Chevy exactly where they had left it, keys still in the ignition.

Scott turned the key, and the engine halfheartedly responded, as though it was not quite sure it was in the mood for driving. Again Scott turned the key and this time the lights on Johnny’s Chevy flashed but nothing happened. Panicked, Scott threw open his door and looked under the car. In their rush to return to Spring Creek, Scott was liberal with the gas pedal. Sure enough, they had ripped the fuel line on one of the many bumps they hit, leaking the car’s gas line in the process. Somehow, Scott thought to himself, he was going to have to carry Johnny out of the woods before whatever attacked them returned. As Scott approached Johnny, trying to figure out how in the world he was going to hoist his friend on his shoulders, Scott failed to notice the size 14 footprint that belonged to neither boy.