What if IHOP existed during WW2?

Sometimes, real life is more unpredictable and crazy than fiction. For example, if I were to read that on some planet there was a huge war that lasted several years, and that the end of the war was delayed because the messenger wanted to flirt with some waitresses and eat some pancakes, I would think it very far-fetched. However, this really happened at the end of World War II. Here is a link to the article in yesterday’s USA Today:Link.

Thomas E. Jones was the messenger that was to deliver the message to president Harry Truman that Japan was surrendering, which in turn would end World War II. Jones had no idea the importance of the message and decided to get something to eat and chase some tail before delivering the message.

It is amazing to me that something so huge in scale, such as a world war could be effected so much by a single person, in this case a delivery boy. I wonder if anyone was killed on either side that last day of the war that would not have died if the war ended a half day earlier?

Check out the article. It is pretty interesting. There is going to be a documentary about Thomas E. Jones. I am filing this story for later as it would make great fiction.

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