Dark Miracle – An internet funded article

I came across this article about The Manhattan Project and the first atomic bomb tests, and it was fascinating. It is definitely worth a read. The interesting this about the article is that author Josh Ellis wrote the article through funding he raised from the internet. This should give freelance writers hope. Of course it helps that Josh has talent.

I found the following excerpt fascinating:

Oppenheimer was already quite understandably high strung, and the delay and possibility of cancellation put him right on the razor's edge. The fact that several of the scientists started taking bets on the actual explosive yield of the bomb probably didn't help. Edward Teller believed that it would exceed 40 kilotons, and the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi was heard to take bets that the gadget would start a chain reaction that would ignite all of the oxygen in the atmosphere, burning the whole planet like a cinder. Another physicist is reported to have wondered if the explosion would ever stop; if we would simply have a tiny small sun sitting out in the middle of the New Mexico desert until the end of the world."

I could not imagine working on a project in which the outcome could possibly be the end of the world. I can't say that would interest me.  Anyhow, I really suggest this article to anyone who is interested in history, WWII, or freelance journalism.  It was a very interesting article.