Bryan Catherman’s emails from Iraq

Byyan Catherman has posted on his website his excellent emails that were written during his time in Iraq titled "The Other Side of the Sandbox".

Here is Bryan's description of the emails:

"While in Iraq, or any other combat zone for that matter, a soldier quickly learns that the last thing he or she should do is write letters back home to loved ones that give a truthful account of the week's activities. Hearing about mortars, gun fire, convoy problems, equipment shortcomings, or even simple hardships is too much to know and fret about when there is nothing that can be done. Excessive worry is the only consequence. It was for this reason that I selected to write about the topics I did. I was able to let friends and family know I was okay without compounding their fears." — Bryan Catherman

There is really interesting information here.  It really gives you a sense of how life was for him and his family while he was in Iraq.  I would even say that they tell us a little about people in general, whether they are American or Iraqi.

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