I won again!

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I entered a submission for Chapter 7 of my local newspaper's Stort Story contest. I just received a call from a reporter at the newspaper letting me know that my submission was picked again! I am pretty proud that my chapter was picked, as I was pretty happy with the writing. I actually entered the contest for the other chapters, but wasn't picked until Chapter 5. And, no, I am not related to anyone at the newspaper 🙂 .

If you would like to read the winning chapter, see Wednesday's post.  I don't know what to make of this.  I surely don't think I am some kind of great writer.  However, I do think I can consider myself a writer, which is big for me.

2 thoughts on “I won again!

  1. You suck. Just kidding. Congratulations. Again.

    So, what’s next. I think you should pound out a couple short stories and start sending them off to magazines. Or have you already done that?

  2. kalbzayn,
    I do in fact suck. That is the shame I will have to live with :). Thanks for the congratulations.

    The magazine thing sounds good, but I don’t know who to send submissions to.

    I also think I’m going to enter the contest I mentioned a couple posts ago. I think a chapter would be the next good step.

    I have heard the advice “you should write a book” recently. I wish it were that simple.

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