Gas Prices

My intention for this blog was to discuss my struggles in becoming a "writer". However, I feel I need to deviate from this today and discuss something else. If politics and gas prices don't interest you, you may want to skip this post. For information purposes, I am registered as an Independent, though I would say I lean to the left, which in my mind means I believe our government should care more for what is best for the people, rather than what is best for corporations.

Talk Radio

With that out of the way, I have heard a few things on "talk radio" that just make me laugh. One of the things I have heard is that the high gas prices we have now should be blamed on "Environmentalists" who by opposing drilling in Alaska, have caused our "gas shortages" which have caused gas prices to increase. Therefore, their proposed solution is to allow drilling in Alaska immediately which will eventually lower gas prices. In other words, if we just allow the oil companies in the U.S. to get more oil, they will be nice and lower prices. I have a hard time believing these corporations who have already been gouging us since the Hurricanes of the fall. If they are allowed to drill in Alaska, I'm pretty sure they will simply charge the same price for gas (they will find some excuse) and make a bigger profit (lower cost plus same price equals higher profit).

Another "solution" to the problem I have heard is the elimination of the federal gas tax, which I have heard is around .17. Sure this will lower the cost of gas short term. However, from all they have been telling us once Summer arrives and people drive more, gas prices will continue to rise and surely eliminate and gains from the elimination of the tax.

This is what we get for electing a bunch of "Oil Guys" to represent us. If you realy believe they care about the price of a barrel of oil and record profits of oil companies, I have a screenplay for Gigli 2 I would like to sell you.


So, what can really be done to lower gas costs? First of all, I think the oil companies need to be investigated. By this, I mean a serious investigation, which I doubt will happen under president Bush. Secondly, there need to be tighter guidelines for SUV and pickup truck gas consumption. The less gas these behemoths burn the better for us. Finally, I think we need to get serious about alternatives to gasoline. I think the public is now ready for this.

These are my views and may be of interest to no-one. However, sometimes a guy has to get things off his chest.