Shaving again

I posted a while ago about my horrific attempt to save time in the morning by shaving at night. After months of reconstructive surgery and physical therapy my face has finally recovered. Ok, it healed in a few hours, but I like the previous sentence much better. If only I had read these shaving tips at 43Folders, maybe my night shaving experience would have been better. While you are there, check out the rest of the site.  It is full of useful productivity and writing tips. 

2 thoughts on “Shaving again

  1. Hey came across your blog randomly. I wrote an entry for the firstline contest, tell me what you think:

    When my brother, Andy, went away to college, he left me his fishing pole, a well-read copy of The Wind in the Willows, and a stack of Playboys. Now, I’m no genius, so I’ll be honest. I had never heard of the Wind in the Willows but it sounded and looked like a pretty stupid book. After further examination I determined it to be “children’s literature,” what does Andy think, that I’m 5? I mean seriously now. I ain’t no genius but that’s just condescending, leaving your 15 year old brother a children’s book. I’m going to punch him in the arm when he returns for Thanksgiving.

    On to the next item, a fishing pole. What the heck??? Seriously. I didn’t even know he had a fishing pole, where has he been hiding it all these years? We live in frickin Kansas for god’s sakes which isn’t the fishing capital of the world, and in fact I don’t remember my brother ever fishing or my dad ever fishing either. What a strange strange thing to live your brother. I hate him. OK on to the playboys. This is just weird, cuz I’m Gay. I came out to him 3 months ago so I assume this is just a sick joke that he wanted to play on me. Either that or he thinks the playboys will turn me straight. But I don’t think so. Yea so basically Andy is an idiot and I dunno why he’s being so stupid. A fishing pole I can’t use, magazines I can’t get off on, and a children’s book. What kind of crap is this, man. Seriously I want a refund. Yea give me a refund dammit what’s the return policy on gifts your brother gives you.

    The day after he left I went to Home Depot and asked for a refund on the fishing pole. Surprisingly they gave me one. Then I sent the playboy back to playboy headquarters in Chicago. They sent me back 4.25. I walked into barnes and nobles and put wind in the willows back on the shelf. I walked out expecting nothing but a sales rep hurried over to me and gave me 10$ right as I was about to walk out the door. Good I said, Thank you. She said No Problem, wanna meet up at my place later, I said no that’s okay I’m gay. She said OH I love gay guys!! Then she said Let’s go clubbing at a gay club sometime, I love those cuz creepy guys don’t try to randomly dance with me like drunk guys at straight clubs do. I said I can’t I’m only 18 but call me back in a few years and she smiled and said I could pass for 18 and I should get a fake ID.

    I went home with the money from my refunds and bought some gay porn online and had a grand night. Thank you Andy for your good gifts which I got a refund for. Hope you have fun in college. Oh then later I bought a fake ID and went clubbing at a gay club with that Barnes and Noble girl. What a grand life I live.

  2. Johnny K,
    I like it! It was definitely an interesting take. Your protagonist seems like an interesting character. Stop by and let me know if your entry gets picked. Do you have a web site or blog?

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