US in Trouble

Well, the United States lost their opening round game in particularly ugly fashion. Most "experts" expected the Czechs to win, but not by a three goal margin. The Americans need to forget about this game and win their next two. It will be hard to defeat the heavily favored Italians, but anything can happen. I know it would make a great story 🙂 . In my mind, the United States can win if they keep the game close deep into the second half. At that point a break can swing the game for either team. If they lose, soccer will be forgotten for a majority of Americans, at least until the next World Cup.

As a follow-up to what I posted yesterday, Ben Roethlisberger endured seven hours of surgery fixing fractures in his jaw and face. It is being reported that he will be ready for the season opener September 7th, but I find that optimistic.