Writer’s Digest Writing Contest

I found another writing contest, thanks to the excellent writing blog Practicing Writing. I suggest all those interested in writing and writing contests check out that site and also check out her e-books. She posts writing contests almost daily. The contest is from Writer's Digest and is free to enter. You can view the details for the Writer's Digest contest at the aforementioned blog.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Digest Writing Contest

  1. More helpful stuff for my writing, woot! Too bad the copies of Writer’s Digest virtually disappeared from the library shelves 😦 I feel so sad…

  2. If you are looking for practice, enter the Perfect Crime Writing Contest at PropertyRoom.com. PropertyRoom.com is an online police auction site that is looking for visitors to submit entries about items available for purchase. It’s free to enter and the prize is a trip for two to Maui worth $4500!

    See details at http://perfectcrime.propertyroom.com

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