Maybe I should call myself The Non-Writer

I did absolutely no writing this weekend, which has become pretty common for me.  Of course I have several excuses ready.  I did a lot of travel due to Father's Day, which was great because it was my first Father's Day (thanks to my parents and my Wife for my excellent Father's Day gifts), but not productive as far as writing. Luckily I don't make a living with my writing.  Otherwise, I would probably be living in my car, which I hear is not the optimal living space for a newborn.

One thing I was able to do, though, was watch a few soccer (football) matches. I was unable to watch the U.S. match, as I was travelling.  However, I heard there were quite a few cards handed out. I watched most of the Brazil/Australia game, which I thought was an entertaining match.  I was pulling for Australia and thought they played well.  Helen, sorry the "Socceroos" couldn't get the win. Those interested in reading more about the World Cup check out Michael Davies' blog on

I guess I could have taken the time I spent watching soccer and instead did some writing. I guess that is why I am the Struggling Writer.