Four more years

No, not Bush. I'm talking about the United States soccer team. As in, we have to wait four more years for their next World Cup match (assuming they qualify). I had a class (training for my job) yesterday during the game, but set the VCR to record the game. Yes, I still use a VCR and not a TIVO or DVR. Cut me some slack 🙂 . This was problem #1, as I later found out that the VCR only recorder the first half of the game.

I offer now my thoughts from the first half of U.S. versus Ghana. I thought the US came out very flat, as though they were playing in some type of friendly. The goal they did score, which was the only goal they scored on their own, was beautiful. The call inside the penalty area that led to the Ghana goal was pathetic. However, it was not the reason they United States lost. At that point, my videotape stopped and I had to look up the score on the internet. I was not surprised the US lost, though I didn't expect the 2-1 score to hold.

I read today that the United States only had four shots on goal the whole tournament. That is just unacceptable. They desperately need a reliable playmaker.

I will continue to watch the World Cup. I will be cheering for England, Australia, and maybe even Ghana. I have seen many great matches this World Cup and it has brought back my love of the game.