Weekend and a YouTube Clip (Monty Python)

I had a pretty nice weekend, I hope you all did as well. Yesterday, I had our 2 month old daughter in my parent’s swimming pool. I held her and dipped her feet into the water. She loves her baths and we were interested to see how she liked the pool. She seemed confused but I think she enjoyed it once she got used to it. We only had her in for 5 minutes because it was too hot and sunny outside. This will probably be the last time she gets to wear her “bikini”, as she is now too big for it.

I came across this clip of Graham Chapman’s memorial service on YouTube last week. John Cleese gives a pretty funny speech and at the end the Monty Python crew sings “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. There is a little bit of foul language in the clip, so watch out while viewing at work. I found it pretty funny.

One thought on “Weekend and a YouTube Clip (Monty Python)

  1. It is good to get babies used to water as soon as possible. I have been putting off taking Kiko swimming because he is so suspicious of the bath water, but I will be looking out for swimming lessons when we get back to Australia. Wah! A little bikini – I bet your little girl looked so cute! I want to buy Kiko some speedos but will wait until right before he starts swimming lessons. These babies do grow so fast…

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