First Day of Daycare

Today was a tough day. This morning I had to drop off my daughter (now 2 1/2 months old) at daycare. I knew it was going to be tough, and I was right. It isn’t that I don’t trust the daycare. What gets to me is that someone other than my wife or I will be witnessing all of her “firsts”. Someone else will get to see her smiles and hear her coos and change her diapers (hey, they aren’t that bad!). I guess we will have to just shower her with more attention in the evenings and on weekends. I’m sure it will get a little easier, but right now it is rough.

8 thoughts on “First Day of Daycare

  1. “hey, they aren’t that bad!” Are you nuts?

    My forth-month-old (the child who stole my writing time) joined us in an outing to GoodWood BBQ, a local hot spot for eats and fun. At some point though our meal, we realized he had done some business. Of course, the men’s room didn’t have a changing station, so I headed out to the car. In the past, this has worked out well. Upon further inspection, we had a sewage river flowing out of the top of the diaper. Coverage sprawled from navel to the shoulder blades. We immediately jetted home were we could conduct the proper cleanup of such a poop explosion. Not that bad…

  2. Oh ho, the explosive poo scenario! Kiko “got” me in a public toilet in a shopping centre once. I had poo down my top and no change of clothes, plus there was poo all over the toilet cubicle, all over his clothes, I had run out of tissues and nappy bags and there was no toilet paper or paper towels in the bathroom. I have no idea how I dealt with it. The trauma must have blanked it from my mind.

    I hope your wife is doing OK back at work, Struggling Writer. I can imagine she’ll be worn out. It’s hard not to go on a guilt trip about daycare but I’m sure your daughter will be fine. Parents cannot win nowadays. I feel guilty because I will not be returning to my old job – people keep asking: “Why aren’t you working?” as if I’m lazy. On the other hand, once I do start new work, I will feel bad about putting Kiko in daycare. There is no getting away from it. It is not easy.

    Oh – solid food – watch out for the banana! And carrot!

  3. The moment when you leave your child for one of the first times is terribly difficult and you have my sympathy. If it makes any difference, a lot of childhood is one tiny step toward independence after another. A child who learns that hir or her parent is there with them, even when the parent is absent (which is exactly what a child does learn, when, day after day, you return to pick your loved one up), is a child on his or her way to the growth of strong inner resources, resources that will help them get through every subsequent separation. This doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult, just that it leads to something good, not something bad. You sound like a wonderful parent. Your child is lucky and will not be harmed one bit by time spent with other trusted adults.

    Good luck to you! (And thanks to Helen, whose link to your nice site I followed.)

  4. Bryan,
    Wow do I agree! Thankfully both my kids are well past the “poo explosion” stage. The best is when they start to eat solid food. As if by magic, STINK is now in the poo. Now if we could just get them to put their stuff away….

    Great post! I’ve been poking around here and like what I see. I feel for you with the daycare situation. My wife and I were in that same boat with our two kids. I see the post is kinda dated, hope it is easier now.

  5. Erik – thanks. The daycare situation is better now as my wife has been staying home with our daughter. The downside is that our income is much less now, though we are making it work. I respect either choice a parent makes, there is no easy answer.

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