What Next?

After the pretty successful contest at The Clarity of Night, I’m am struggling with what should be my next project.  I do believe this is an important time for me, as I for once do feel a little confidence in my writing.

Once thing I don’t lack, is ideas.  Almost every day, I have a new idea for a story.  Usually, my idea is a certain theme of a story, or a certain ending.  For me, this is the easy part. Almost everyone has a concept or story idea that they are sure would be a best seller, if only they had the time to write it.  Those who actually follow up on the idea, are the ones who become successful. This is not me.

For some reason, I have trouble writing if I don’t have some type of deadline looming over my head.  I think that is why I enjoy writing contests so much.  I usually don’t start my entry for a contest until the last possible moment, always finding something easier to do.  It is so much easier to read someone else’s work than to write my own.  Besides, writing can be painful, and who likes pain?

Another thing with contests is that you get feedback in a short period of time.  The nice thing about The Clarity of Night contest was that there was a whole community of readers built in that were available for almost immediate feedback.  It is nice to know that what I created would be read and hopefully enjoyed and not ignored.

I’m not sure what I will do next.  I have an idea running around in my head that I need to get on paper.  If not, I will lose interest in it.  Maybe I will be brave enough to post what I come up with on this blog. Or maybe I will just read a book.