Ice Hockey – Why I Can’t Think

I play in an adult ice hockey league every year and yesterday was my first game. There were no practices, we just started on the season full force. The last time I was on the ice was last April, which was our last game of last season. My off season training consisted of playing slow pitch softball in a church league and lifting a 15 pound baby. I used to lift weights three days a week before my daughter was born. Now I am lucky to get 60 pushups in before I go to sleep. Regardless, nothing prepares the body for the rigors of skating in a hockey game.

Therefore, my body and brain are not doing very well right now. I don’t have the energy to do much creative writing today. I have included a picture of me before and after my game so you can see how tired I am today. “Read the rest of this entry” to view the picture. Continue reading

Mr. T

Since I am tired this morning, I don’t have a lot to talk about. However, I will would like to share something with you that made me smile the past week.

I have been digging the webcomic Sheldon lately. Particulary the past week, which featured a cameo by Mr. T! Check out the following links: