International Volleyball

While reading boing boing this morning I came across an article about a game of volleyball played across the fence on the U.S./Mexico border. There is something about this that is just so refreshing to me. Here we have people from one country who have it so bad they would risk anything to leave that country. On the other side we have a country that is pretty much freaking out security wise and is trying to keep everyone out (especially if they are poor). Those are issues of concern for the governments of those countries, not the average people of the countries. Instead we have groups of people from either country using the border fence, the very symbol of the division between the countries, as a volleyball net. This brings a smile to my face. One of the funniest parts of the article was a quote from a border patrol agent who seems as though he would join in the game if he wasn’t on duty:

All this activity finally brings down the hammer of the border patrol, and a jeep shows up to separate us. The officer is friendly but firm. He’s just come on shift and has no idea we’ve been playing volleyball over the fence for the past hour.


He tells us that a daredevil launched himself across the border in a cannon a while back, but that ours was, in fact, the first-ever game of international border volleyball.

“And it worked over that tall fence?”

“Yup,” we say. “We’re up for one more round if you want to play.”

“No, man,” the officer says. “I’m on duty.”

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