Yesterday was definitely an interesting day with our baby. In the morning, we had a doctor’s appointment in which she received another immunization. We were relieved when we found out that it was an oral one, so we didn’t have to witness our daughter go through all of that pain. The funny thing was that the last time she got her shots, she didn’t even react when the doctor gave her the fist shot. It was like she was saying,”That wasn’t so bad”. Then, she got the second one. Anyhow, she received her immunization and was weighed and measured and then we went home.

I took the rest of the morning off work, so I was able to help my wife (who is now watching our daughter full-time) watch the little one for a while. At that point our daughter seemed fine. The rest of the day was pretty trying for her, however, as our daughter cried any time my wife wasn’t holding her. I can imagine how tiring this was for my wife as our daughter is now close to 15 pounds. When I finally returned home from work, I tried to do my best to help with the baby.

As we were watching television near the end of the day, something great happened. Our daughter was playing with her toys and she decided to roll onto her side as she had been doing lately. This time, however, as my wife held a rattle for her, the little one decided to roll the rest of the way onto her tummy. It was at this point that my wife and I began to cheer, as though the Steelers just won another Super Bowl (insert the sports analogy of your choice here).

Though milestones aren’t a huge deal to me, this one was timed perfectly. It brightened our day. Also, it is really special to see our baby learn new skills. I couldn’t be prouder.

3 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Wah! So cute and clever! She is such a little darling. I hope she is over the nasty injection. It can affect them in odd ways. When Kiko had the ones when I think he was her age, his little leg swelled up like a football. The doctor and I were watching it get bigger and bigger with looks of horror on our faces. Then suddenly it went down!

    Kiko reached the back-to-tummy rolling milestone at 8 months old. What made it really special was that we were visiting my brother, who is his namesake. We were all gathered in the living room making a fuss of the baby, when suddenly he rolled. I said to my brother: “He’s showing off for you!” I didn’t expect he would do it again but after that he was doing all the time (and still is…) Nappy changing time becomes fun!

    Hey, your daughter’s orange toy in the background looks just like one Kiko has. We call it Orange Ted. He absolutely loves it.

  2. Helen, thanks for the kind words. I would have freaked if her leg swelled like Kiko’s. She hasn’t rolled over since Thursday. I think she is saving it for special occasions.

    The orange toy in the background is some type of giraffe. She really likes it. Is Orange Ted a bear?

  3. Yes, Orange Ted is a bear. It is the strangest thing you have ever seen. It has hoops around its ankles, and zips, buttons and velcro all over it. Inside is a rattle. We were given it as a present for Kiko. I thought it might scare him but he loves it. I have seen this type of toy in shops and I think you can get different types of animals, so maybe it comes from the same “family” as your daughter’s giraffe.

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