The NHL is Back!

pens_300_small.jpgTonight is opening night for my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins. Though the Penguins are not supposed to make the playoffs this year, I am optimistic as they have some good young players on their team. We will see what happens. To make things more interesting, the Penguins are playing their cross-state rivals the Philadelphia Flyers. When I was in college, half of my friends were from the Pittsburgh area and half were from the Philly area. There was always much trash talked when the Penguins and Flyers met. Even today, I may send a little note to the Philly guys if the Pens can pull of the win.

As in years past, I will be watching the game with my friend Brian. Over the years we have watched Penguins games many times together and with other of our friends. It seems like every time we get together to watch a game, the Pens usually lose. That said, it is tradition to watch the first game of the season together and we must follow tradition. In years past, we used to eat Pez to counteract the bad luck (I’m not sure why). Anyhow, I take full responsibility if they lose.

Let’s go Pens!