Oversize Load


I was driving to work today and I passed a large 18 wheeler, with a banner on the front and back that said “Oversize Load”. I started to feel a little bad for the poor 18 wheeler, having to go through life labeled in such a fashion. It’s probably bad enough to be an 18 wheeler and always having to worry if will fit in a tunnel or overpass and not being able to park in a normal parking space. Then people decide to smack that “Oversize Load” banner on it as if they’re saying, “Make room for the big truck!” It’s just not right. I think they need a more politically correct sign than “Oversize Load”. Maybe something like “spacially challenged” would be more appropriate.

17 thoughts on “Oversize Load

  1. In most parts of the animal kingdom being the biggest is the best. I’m sure lions, and elephants would wear an oversize load with pride.

    I bet the truck smiles chugging down the road knowing he is the biggest, baddest thing in site.

    It’s only us Cosmo addicted humans that think tiny is the way to go.

  2. The said part about this is four wheelers think its ok to cut between the oversize load and the pilot escort (my job) we are there to ensure the safety of the vehicles on the roads as well as the driver of the load. our job is not easy and I just wish that people would think before doing dumb things. You’d be amazed at the chances people take. Flashing lights, flags, signs. doesn’t even faze them. I know many people resent big trucks. But… Just think name one thing that we don’t get from a truck. everything we consume,use, there is not one thing in our daily lives that a truck doesn’t bring. We get no respect..sad but true.

  3. I am a lowbed driver, Many of my “moves” are oversize loads.
    I would only ask people to be careful when “passing”, we all enjoy living and want to be home with our family at the end of the day. Everything is fine until
    something happens, at that point all that is left is pain and suffering if there
    is an accident. I will do my best to keep us safe on the road. Please help me by driving carefully and being safe………..lowbed driver, Brad

  4. Brad – I don’t know how you arrived here, but thanks for stopping by. I wrote this post as a joke, obviously. However, I respect what you do every day because I don’t know if I could go through what you guys do, the pressure to deliver your stuff on time every day. That must be difficult to deal with. It must also be really stressful to drive those big trucks in tiny spaces, such as deliveries in cities, etc.

    Stay safe and thanks. You help keep this country going.

  5. I also enjoyed your post ” oversize load”…….. it gave me a thought process, to be more careful on the road. and to ask others to care too. I arrived on your blog by chance and intuition………………..
    thank you Strugling writer,

  6. I to am a Oversize Load operator. I own my own truck. I think my little large car enkoys when I put on the OVERSIZE LOAD sign each morning. She’s not the biggest tractor on the road, but when I put a 14 foot wide building on my trailer; I would swear You can see a smile between my Headlights. Happy Trails to all.

  7. What type of Heavy Haul truck driver would I be if I didnt throw in my 2 sense! Being a Heavy Haul truck driver is something that i wake up and look forward to doing everyday. Wether its 10 ft wide and 250,000 lbs or 13 ft wide and 150,000 lbs its all the same to me…..cruising down the road in the 2007 KW t800….600 horses on the hood…..no mountain to steep….no weather to bad…..my loads get there safe and ontime.

    I’ll watch out for you if you watch out for me. GODBLESS

  8. I too am a pilot car driver, and i must say that just the truckers world in general is a blast. I too enjoy the feeling of aiding in navigating some of the largest objects to ever travel the worlds highways. It really is a joy most people should, but never will experience!

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