On my way to work, I drive by a local High School. From what I can tell, a lot of the students walk to school, something I never had the option to do when I was growing up. A group of three girls– an athletic girl, a preppy girl, and a goth girl all high school age– were crossing the street in front of my car as I waited at the stop light.

As they approached the other side of the road, Athletic Girl pointed and seemed to say something to the effect of “There’s a gigantic puddle in our way!”. I’m not really sure what she said, as I was listening to th comedy station on XM Radio. At this point I started to get interested. “How are they going to get across that puddle?” I thought to myself.

Athletic Girl was first to make an attempt to cross the puddle and she was quite successful. She simply took a running start and jumped the puddle, narrowly avoiding a shoe full of mud.

Next, it was Preppy girl’s turn. Though it was probably 45 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, Preppy girl was wearing sandals, which are probably not designed for long jumps. Still, I expected her to attempt the jump anyhow. Instead, she tip-toed through the puddle, making sure not to get her jeans wet. At least she wasn’t wearing socks.

Finally, it was Goth Girl’s turn to navigate the puddle. Acting as though the puddle wasn’t even there, Goth Girl simply walked a straight line through the puddle, not acknowledging the fact that it would probably be several hours before her socks and shoes were fully dry. She would rather suffer the dampness of her footwear, than give the puddle satisfaction of knowing it affected her.

This all happened in a matter of minutes, but it made me smile. I imagine I would have attempted to jump the puddle, but there is something to be said for not letting obstacles get in our way. It was also interesting to see how three different people tacked a problem in different ways.

7 thoughts on “Puddles

  1. As I was reading this, I thought: “How would I tackle the puddle?” I knew I’d do what I always do – walk straight through it. That’s why I laughed when I reached the part about the Goth Girl and what she did. That’s exactly what I would have done! I have to admit that when I was a teenager I was a bit of a Goth Girl too… But rather than being cool, I think I am more *oblivious*! I wouldn’t have noticed my wet shoes and socks because my mind would have been doing orbits around Saturn.

    This post is so interesting. Different people tackle problems in different ways, but often arrive in the same place.

  2. Helen, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. That is funny you would have done what the Goth Girl did. I would have done anything in my power to avoid the puddle, probably including walking into traffic, as I can’t stand wet shoes and socks :).

  3. rlly intresting i am to a high school aged goth girl weird! your intake on this situation was really intresting and i thought it was quite amusing that you would have walked through traffic to avoid the puddle i would have walked straight through it. i would love for you to read my blog as nobody does and i would like peoples opinion . this is my url http://mylastline.blogspot.com/ i hope you enjoy it i will write about your blog in my todays entry.

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