My Little Rock Star

pout.jpgYesterday I had to take my daughter to the doctor’s office for a cough she has had for a week and has since given to my wife and I (or the other way around). If you were to observe my house, you would hear a chorus of coughs; first my daughter, then my wife, and then I will cough. Fun times. My daughter even seems hoarse when she coos, the poor little girl.

So, while my wife went to a doctor’s appointment on her own, I was drafted to take our daughter to her appointment. First, I got her all bundled up in her coat and attempted to put her in her car seat, which has become much more challenging recently. I got her in the seat and before I had the chance to buckle her in, she shimmied herself to an almost laying position. After repeating this about ten times, I finally got her strapped in and we were on our way, and yes she was the inspiration for my story the other day.

On our way to the doctor’s office, I stopped once because I had one of those new dad questions : “What if I made the seatbelts too tight and she stopped breathing?” I could see her in the mirror we have fastened to the back sear of the car and she was just staring forward, and not making any sounds. I pulled off the road and tickled her cheeks a little, fishing for a smile, and then got back on the road knowing that everything was alright. She fell asleep soon after that.

At the appointment, my daughter was checked for all of the usual symptoms and everything checked out fine. I was told that it was probably a cold and they don’t have any medicine to give her. So basically, we just have to wait it out. The worst part was when the doctor had to remove wax from her ears, which caused her to cry hysterically. It is so tough watching you daughter cry like that, with no way to comfort her. I wiped her little tears off her face and held her for a while and she was o.k.

Once the appointment was over, I decided to change her diaper before our drive home. My daughter had other ideas. Getting her diaper off was the easy part, as she laid on the table checking out all of the neat lights in the office. Next, I attempted to put her new diaper on, but every time I got close to fastening one side, she rolled over and grabbed the paper on the table, sometimes ripping it and sometimes just pulling it toward her mouth, smiling the whole time. Then, I would take the paper out of her had, and of course the tab on the diaper would come loose. She even managed to rip a whole piece off, and attempted to eat it. After about ten minutes of this, I finally got the diaper fastened and her clothes back on, though not before she made a pretty good mess of the office. I guess she decided she was going to trash the office to get back at them for hurting her ears, like a rock star trashing their dressing room after a particularly raucous concert.

Overall, it was an interesting trip to the doctor’s office. I was exhausted after just that little trip. I don’t know how my wife does it every day.

10 thoughts on “My Little Rock Star

  1. OMG! I can totally relate! My daughter (who is 5 months) squirms and backpedals constantly when were changing her diaper. Boy, has that become an adventure.

    Glad to hear everything checked out with the doctor. Hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon!

  2. Wah, so cute! Look at her diddle face! She is being a brave soldier!

    I hope your daughter is feeling much better, Struggling Writer. It’s horrible when they have a bad cough. You are waiting on eggshells for each time they cough, and it’s so worrying each time they do.

    I am sorry to say that the nappy change antics will get worse. Much worse. Just wait till she starts picking up everything on the change table, throwing them into the cot, and trying to dive after them…

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