Characters and Self

I have noticed in my writing (when I actually get a chance to write) that I often have a major part of myself in the main protagonist of my stories. Sure, the character may be braver than me, or stronger, or look differently than myself. However, when writing my protagonist I often envision myself in the situations my character is in, and wonder what I would do myself.

Am I the only one who does this? Or, am I just so egotistical that I have to be the hero all of the time? Who else projects themselves into their characters? I suppose a piece of ourselves is in everything we write, but to what extent?

4 thoughts on “Characters and Self

  1. I’ve been known to do this. Even if my main character is a woman, there’s something about her personality that I might relate to. Alot of my characters also have characteristics of the people around me. I believe it’s where we get our inspiration, from ourselves and from those around us.

  2. I think it’s necessary to inject yourself in the characters, insofar as you give them humanity. We are all alike under the skin. Yet, we each have a different perspective on this game called life. Yet, it’s important to let the characters live their unique lives in their unique world (created courtesy of you!). The best thing to bring to writing — yourself — if you can pull it off.

  3. I’ve found that *EVERY* character I create–protagonist, antagonist; villan, hero; male, female; large, small–carries a piece of me with them. It’s beyond comprehension that anything *WE* create would be entirely independent of the ourselves.

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