Contest Deadlines and an Update

I don’t have a lot of energy to write a big post today as I have come down with a case of a sinus infection. Basically, all three of us in my house are sick, and none of us has the energy to fully take care of the other. The main advice of doctors is to get rest when sick, but that doesn’t happen with a five month old in the midst.

Anyhow, there is less than two weeks remaining to get your entry in for Paperback Writer’s E-book Challenge. I was planning on submitting something for this, but I now realize it ain’t gonna happen. Oh well. The Halloween Contest at Faster than the World has a deadline of today. Again, I was going to submit something for this one, and I actually had a pretty good idea for a story. Instead, I will post that one here once I finish. I think you will enjoy it.