Not a Wise Choice

Last night, I played in an adult hockey league game. Even though I am just recovering from my sinus infection, for the most part I felt pretty good during the game. However, near the end of the game I made a stupid decision and am paying for it today.

Let me paint the picture for you. I was playing right wing and the puck went toward the blue line. One of our defensemen wound up and took a slapshot. The puck was hurtling toward me but I had time to get out of the way, except I didn’t. Time seemed to slow down and I noticed the puck was not headed toward the net. At this point my 20 years of soccer playing took over and I thought it would be a good idea to try to redirect the puck. Not with my stick, though, like a normal person. Instead, I lifted my foot and placed it into the path of the puck. My hand eye coordination is still spot on, and I took the puck to the unpadded portion of my skate, right in the ankle.

At this point, time sped up and my foot now told my brain, “Ouch, you hurt me you big dummy!”. I fell to the ice and only with the help of some of my teammates skated to the bench. I wound up finishing the game, as my adrenaline pretty much took care of the pain. Today is another matter. Hopefully, it is only badly bruised. If not, it is my own dumb fault that I took a puck to my ankle. It is not an experience I would recommend anyone reading this should try.