Some Distractions on NaNoWriMo Opening Day

For all of you procrastinators, or those who just enjoy good writing, I have a few links for you today. Check out The Replacement, an excellent short story by Anne Frasier. Have you heard Neil Gaiman had an Op-Ed in the New York Times yesterday? If not, check it out. Mike has a short story over at Fictional Musings he would like you to check out, and while you are at it check out his other blog Be A Good Dad. Finally, Therese had an excellent short story posted yesterday at Writer Unboxed.

For those interested in working on their craft, There was a pretty informative article about story beginnings at Creating Passionate Users. It surely gave me something to think about.

Right now, I am sitting at 0 words of writing for my NaNoWriMo project, but the day is young.


Below is a picture of my daughter in her Halloween costume. I dressed as a “monster hunter” and those are my arms in the picture. Don’t worry, I captured her so you don’t have to worry about being attacked by a vicious blue monster. Note the pink ribbons, indicating she is clearly a girl monster.