Below is a picture of my daughter in her Halloween costume. I dressed as a “monster hunter” and those are my arms in the picture. Don’t worry, I captured her so you don’t have to worry about being attacked by a vicious blue monster. Note the pink ribbons, indicating she is clearly a girl monster.

4 thoughts on “Monster

  1. Wah, that diddle monster looks like she might escape and terrify people! I especially like the pink-ribbon touch. She is very, very cute.

    We don’t usually do anything at Hallowe’en but on November 1st I went to Toys R Us and bought a marked down pumpkin costume to dress Kiko in on his 1st birthday. Well, you have to make the most of this time when they can’t protest, don’t you?! Look out for pictures of a grumpy pumpkin around November 22nd!!

  2. Helen, I look forward to seeing those pictures of Kiko. I’m sure he will make a great grumpy pumpkin.

    The pink bows were her mom’s idea. We try to dress her in pink as much as possible because sometimes people think our little one is a boy because she has no hair.

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