Plot Help


If you are looking for writing advice, might I point you here? I’m getting a ton of hits from tumblr on this post right now, so hey, how’s it going?


I am about to do something that is probably very unprofessional, but I’m not getting paid for this so I will take my chances. Please don’t think less of me. I need to ask for help.

I am at a point in my novel that is key to the whole plot of the work. If I screw this up, there is no going back. 48,000 words will be wasted.

My plot involves a 23 something guy who visits his parents looking for one of his favorite books of his childhood. He doesn’t find the one he is looking for, but does find one that looks interesting that he didn’t remember. As he opens the front cover he sees something written inside. It is a note to himself he wrote when he was eight years old urging him to do or remember something.

Here is my problem: what does the message say? What is it urging him? I have an idea for what the message might say, but I’m not 100% happy with it. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated and could earn you an appearance in the book as a main character (if you would like).

The Inner Critic can Bite Me

Well, I somehow met my evening writing goal last night, banging out 982 words last night, giving me a total of 1293 for the day. I didn’t quite hit 1600, but I am pretty proud of myself. I was telling my wife about my progress last night and she asked me, “Can you keep this up?”. She asked me this not in a condescending way but more with a sense of awe. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to keep it up, but I would like to try.

As I was writing last night, I had to smack down my “inner critic” several times. He kept telling me that I was putting in too much description, and I kept telling him that description is essential to a story, especially when I need to keep my word count high. I can edit out what isn’t needed later. Then, he kept suggesting I go back to the beginning of the story and make it more interesting and better written. Again, I told him this is what the second draft is about. I think in the end, he just got tired and let me write. Soon enough, 300 words became 900 and I was good to go. Don’t listen to your inner critic. He/she is not nice.