Weekend Writing

I was away visiting family all weekend, so sorry for the lack of updates.  I was able to write a little over 1000 words this weekend, which is way off target but was more than I thought I was going to write.  Add that to the fact we had a very cranky baby at night (she didn’t like the sleeping arrangements at my parent’s house) and I think I did ok.

I will be posting a followup to my Plot Help post a little later today.  I enjoyed everyone’s suggestions and appreciate all the help.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Writing

  1. Oh wow, so sorry to hear baby was a tad cranky. Isn’t it sweet how they know when they are not at home? It sounds like you did excellent at writing even though you were not home!!! 1000 words is nothing to be ashamed of at all – especially when visiting someone else’s home for the weekend.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Cylithria. I’m totally not beating myself up for this one since I accomplished a lot of stuff non-writing related including visiting my grandfather and playing football with my two little cousins.

  3. Very nice! I wish I had written 1000 words this weekend. Atleast I attended the local Book Festival, so I did something writerly.
    Gotta work extra hard this week…

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