NaNoWriMo: Less Words for a Good Cause

I have been working on my NaNoWriMo project during my lunch time at work each day of November. This allows me to chip away at my daily goal and not have to stay up until midnight just to get some writing done. I usually get 300-500 words each day. Today, however, I was unable to write only 130 words. I had a good reason, however. I was giving blood.

To me, giving blood isn’t really a big deal.  Luckily, I’m a “fast bleeder” and haven’t had any bad experiences.  So, every however many days I am eligible I give.  After all, I wasn’t really using that blood anyhow.  It’s extra, and maybe it will help someone else out.

I found out today that our local Red Cross moved to a new building, which was like moving from a 800 square foot house to a mansion.  The old location was in the basement of a building.  The new location used to be a hair salon, which was pretty funny considering there were mirrors all over the place.  The best part of the move, however, were the new “beds”.  Previously when giving blood, you laid on a portable “cot” with a hard pillow propping your head.  The new beds were similar to recliners, if a recliner was perfectly contoured to the human body.  I could almost fall asleep in those things even with someone poking a sharp needle into my arm.

I guess there was no real point to the story except to tell you to give blood if possible.  Also, don’t hold it against me if I don’t hit my 1000 words tonight, though I am going to make my best effort  to come close.

Plot Help – My Decision

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who answered my call for help on my NaNoWriMo project. As a result of that post, this blog enjoyed its second best day ever, with 80 page views. My all time high for one day is 82, and I think that happened was during the “Lonely Moon” contest at Clarity of Night. Also, even if I didn’t use your exact idea in my story, each suggestion helped in that it generated an idea in my head, something I would not have thought about if it wasn’t for your help.

Here is a brief, undetailed rundown (in case I ever post it here as an e-book) of the plot so far:

The protagonist visits home in search of his favorite book from his childhood, which he remembered in a dream the night before. Unfortunately, his father gave the book to his cousin years before. Dejectedly, the protagonist goes to his room in case his father is mistaken, only to find a strange book that has no title and no author. The cover has a picture of a young girl sitting, smiling in a meadow. Mr. Protagonist reads this book, falling asleep at the end, strangely with no recollection of what he just read.

The message he wrote to himself on the back cover of the book says “Be strong. Lulyc will help.” At the point of the story I am at right now, the protagonist has not discovered this message.

I was able to write 1,000 words yesterday, which feels really good. I am currently trying to introduce an antagonist and some conflict to the story to get things moving. It will probably end up in the “Fantasy” genre. Also, I am not working off an outline so it feels as though this thing is writing itself and I am only transcribing it. Pretty cool.