Another 1000 Words

I was able to write another thousand words yesterday in my NaNoWriMo story, which stuns me. Even more amazing was that I was writing while watching the election results last night on CNN. I went to bed happy that I was able to make progress on my “novel” and also that there may now again be some oversight of the Executive Branch.

As far as the quality of my work, I’m not so sure. What keeps me writing is that I tell myself this is the first draft of the first novel I have ever attempted. It isn’t going to be Hemingway the first time.

The best thing is that I am establishing a routine and a game plan. I now know how I can juggle life and writing while keeping everybody happy.

The interesting thing about my writing is that every time I think I have run out of ideas, a new one pops into my head and I have another thousand words. I am really enjoying writing this thing, and I am almost glad I’m not using an outline. I really have no idea where this story is heading, but I am excited to find out.