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I have talked in a few posts here about the methods I am using for NaNoWriMo. Basically, I am writing the entire thing by hand in a Moleskine Reporter Notebook. Sharon commented that she would not be able to write this way as she would


worry about her handwriting too much. Here are a few pictures of my handwriting, clearly showing I don’t have this problem (sorry for the quality, they were done on my cell phone).

The biggest problem I have with my handwriting, I think, is that my brain works faster than my hand and I try to get my thoughts on paper too fast, sacrificing legibility. I can write better if I force myself to slow down, but this isn’t ideal for NaNoWriMo.

I wsa able to write 1136 words last night, so I am chugging away. That brings my total to 7146. My biggest worry, aside from the worry my novel will be crap, is that I won’t be able to read what I have written.


18 thoughts on “My Notebook

  1. You mentioned around the end of October that you were going to be writing yours by hand in a moleskine and I couldn’t believe it. Now we have proof, though. I love those notebooks and actually use them, mostly now just for private stuff. I thought, very briefly, about writing my nanowrimo novel by hand and then posting on my blog all of the pages as pictures, thinking that I wouldn’t have to worry about somebody stealing my ideas that way. But my printing is completely illegible unless I slow down a great deal, far too much to make sufficient progress on a novel. I’m pretty sure that I won’t have to worry about someone stealing it anyway, it’s not that good.

    As a side note, there is a discussion taking place in the blogosphere about cursive handwriting. For anyone who is interested it is prevalent at the radio show/blog hybrid

  2. Caveblogem, since you are posting your progress to your blog as you complete it, it makes perfect sense to not do it by hand.

    Vintagefan, thanks for the compliment, though I think that is the first time my handwriting has been described as “beautiful”.

    Leo, I have had to adjust to the handwritten work out of necessity. Someday I will buy a laptop and will do my writing there. Until then this seems to be working for me.

  3. The best part was i couldn’t see Any Mistakes! I get a high when i see closely packed handwritten words…and when the pressure’s just right you can turn the page and feel the emboss on the other side …wow……, ahem, sorry, I was overimaginating.

    Okay, I think I’ll stop stalking your notebook now.

  4. Wow. Kudos to you for writing it all by hand! I’m doing my on computer just because my handwriting is just so bad whenever I get going that I actually wanted to see what I was writing!

    Good job! Keep going.

  5. Ah, this puts me in a good mood because your writing and layout is so neat! Lovely margins too (can you tell I’m a teacher?!) Your handwriting seems legible to me.

    I am the same as you in that I have ideas faster than I can write by hand. I can type very fast, though, almost as fast as I have ideas so I tend to type more than I write by hand these days. It really depends on what I am writing and in what situation. I do love buying notebooks!

  6. Well done, you! I’d be totally lost without my laptop because… well, we’ve been there already. Even writing shopping lists take me ages because I fuss over my handwriting so much!

    BTW, I’ve tagged you to do Leo’s “Why I Write” MeMe. You can find out more on my blog 🙂

  7. Thanks all for the comments. I must have picked a sample where my writing is better than normal.

    Vintagefan, my notebook is already spoken for. Sorry 🙂

    Helen, I left the margins in case I need to add notes beside my writing.

    Sharon, I will get to the meme on Monday. Thanks!

  8. I’m impressed by anybody who can write by hand. I haven’t even tried that since I bought my first computer about fifteen years ago. I write so fast I quite often come back and can’t even read my own handwriting.

    Good Luck with NaNo


  9. I’m impressed. I used to do a lot of writing by hand and although my handwriting is normally neat, when I’m writing a story I turn into a doctor and scrawl across the page.

    I hate it. It looks so uninviting and it’s so hard to read.

    Yours is the opposite, so I’m impressed. Keep up the good work.

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  12. I am impressed. I used to write many many first drafts by hand (I used Michael Rogers giant spiral notebooks) but have long given it up. I feel nostalgic. I don’t think I could write anything legible these days.

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