Science Fiction Cliches – Subterranean Press

Issue #4 of the magazine Subterranean Magazine has been posted free of charge on their web site. This issue is edited by author John Scalzi and the issue deals with Science Fiction cliches. Basically, the authors were invited to give their take on science fiction cliches and according to Scalzi they jumped at the chance. I think this is a really cool idea and have downloaded the .pdf file to read at a later time. Check it out. Besides, who can turn down free fiction?

3 thoughts on “Science Fiction Cliches – Subterranean Press

  1. That’s so cool of them. My best friend from grad school is published in that journal. In #2, I think, I can’t remember. You should check out her story. I think it was called: “And the Children Shall Inherit the Earth.”

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