She Knows Too Much



Yesterday my daughter had her six month check-up with the doctor. She was in a very good mood, playing with the doctor’s stethoscope, and generally smiling at everything. She also enjoyed rolling from back to front on the table and playing with the paper covering the table. At this point I must mention she has a few new favorite things to do. She likes to move her head back and forth while smiling while she is happy, as if she was shaking her head no. She also likes to squeal an ear piercing squeal just to hear herself make noise. I find both of these things adorable.

Anyhow, once the checkup was over, the tough part was about to begin and my wife and I knew it. It was time for immunization shots. In came the nurse, who was a really nice lady and has a really rough job, I think. I mean, her job is to basically make every baby she sees cry, by sticking them with a large metal needle. Anyhow, she entered the room and the first thing she said in a really sweet voice was to the effect of, “Hello there, are you ready for your shots?”. Without missing a beat, my daughter (remember six months old) started to shake her head as if to say “no thanks.” Well, we all started cracking up. It was a very cute moment and not only gave us a chance to smile but also gave the nurse a story to share with her colleagues for years to come.

9 thoughts on “She Knows Too Much

  1. Wheeeeeee, so cute! “No, thanks, no injections for me!” It will soon be time for Kiko’s 12-month immunisations… It seems like two minutes since his 6-month ones. The time goes too quickly with these babies, doesn’t it?

  2. My daughter just had her six month injections yesterday and she’s been out of sorts ever since, though that has happened with the other injections as well.

    I’m sure if she could shake her head in a ‘no thank you’ she’d give it a try.

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