Reverse Dictionary

First of all, for those interested, I was able to write 725 words last night on my NaNoWriMo project, not quite the 1,000 I was shooting for, but still OK. I was able to start a new scene and to introduce a possible new supporting character. Right now I am dragging the protagonist through the mud in order to create some conflict. I’m still not really sure what the ending of the story will be or where it is going. It should be interesting even if it goes nowhere. After all, I’m doing NaNoWriMo more for the journey than the destination.

Also, thanks to everyone who visited the blog yesterday. You set a single day record of 101 visits, destroying the previous single day record of 82 visits. I hope those new here found something interesting and will return and I hope all of you regulars continue to visit.

I found a really cool website today via the excellent site Cool Tools. The link I found is to what they call a Reverse Dictionary. The idea is that you know the concept of something, but you can’t think of the word for it. For example, say you what the word for a “thing you wear on your head”. You type that into the prompt and it gives you results such as “hat”, “veil”, etc. Obviously this is a simplistic example but you can see where it could come in handy for a writer. The search isn’t but is significantly better than scanning a dictionary or thesaurus.

I sometimes have trouble in every day life remembering even the most common of words. For example, I will be talking with friends and will stop mid-sentence and say something like, “what do you call a guy who paints for a living?” and they would answer, “um, a painter?” and I would say “oh yeah.” Well, this site would help with that. If only I could have this site installed in my head.