Quick Writing Links

Here are two links I came across today on the web that I hope you find useful:

  • Storybase: “the world’s only taxonomy of essential human situations” (just check it out)
  • Places for Writers: “Resources for Canadian (and international) writers, updated daily with contests, calls for submission, and other writerly tidbits.”

Back to our Usual NaNoWriMo Update

Well, I am still plugging away at NaNoWriMo, and was able to write 800 words yesterday in my trusty old notebook giving me a grand total of 12,500. No, I won’t reach 50,000 but I still hope to reach 25,000 and see what I have. Exciting!

The good news is through this whole process I haven’t been lacking ideas. Every time I think I hit a wall, a new idea pops in my head and I’m off. I have have yet to hit “writer’s block” which I am beginning to believe doesn’t exist. I have heard it said that “writer’s bloc” is just an excuse, and this can be defeated by simply writing your way out of it. Maybe this is true?

The only thing keeping me back from writing even more words per day is fatigue. My usual evening consists of getting home from work, helping with dinner, helping feed the baby cereal, helping to clean up after dinner, getting the baby a bath, and finally hoping the baby falls asleep. From the moment she falls asleep, I write, sitting on my bedroom floor with my legs crossed in front of me, scribbling in my notebook.

I can usually get an hour of writing in, and then my eyes get tired. At first, my eyes close an extra second while I blink. Next, I close my eyes to “better picture the story”. I continue writing because I have to reach my goal. Eventually, I fall asleep mid sentence and dream about writing, only to wake up and look at the paper and wonder what in the heck I was trying to say. After doing this a few times, I usually quit for the night, worried anything I write in that state will be gibberish. This has happened to me three out of the past five days. If only there were more waking hours in the day.