A NaNoWriMo Dilemma

I am a bit torn as to what my next writing move will be. On my NaNoWriMo project, I have 13,716 words written, almost unthinkable monthly output for me, but well off the 50,000 goal and now slightly off my personal goal of 25,000 words. On the plus side, I have finally figured out the central conflict of the story and “what the story is about”. This may sound funny since I am 13,000 words in and just now figuring out what the story is about. Though I did little pre-planning I think the new direction of the story will work and the parts that don’t work can be fixed in the second draft.

There are only 11 writing days remaining in NaNoWriMo (including today) and that includes Thanksgiving and all the travel associated with the holiday. The question that I have is, should I continue on this project and just be happy with whatever I come up with, or do I scrap this project and work on a couple short stories that I have in my mind? Last night I had a pretty funny dream, which I think would make an excellent short story. This is pretty rare for me because I usually forget my dreams the moment I wake up. I won’t go into details about the dream here, because I will probably post the short story here, but it has potential. I would really like to write this one while the idea is still fresh in my mind. My other short story idea is a Christmas short story, which I think also has potential.

I’m not sure what I am going to do. For now, I will stick with the NaNoWriMo project because, well, I ain’t no quitter. Whether this lasts, I don’t know. Maybe I ‘ll just eat a ton of food and watch football.

Writing Opportunity at Write Stuff

The folks over at Write Stuff, an excellent blog resource for writers, are seeking posts on writing related subjects. Their Monday writer has left, and rather than advertise for a guest writer they have opened up registration for anyone to open an account with Write Stuff. Here are the details from the Write Stuff site:

Here are the guidelines for submissions:
Articles must be writing related. You can write about your personal experiences, triumphs, failures, and frustrations. You can offer advice, tips or anecdotes. Anything goes really, but it must be writing related.

Maximum word count is 1000.

If you have a blog, please include a link for proper attribution.

This is a blog for all genres which means all sorts of writers and writing-related subjects are welcomed. Example topics include, but are not limited to: science fiction, horror, romance, fantasy, nonfiction, essays, how-tos, advice, journalistic, etc.

Please note: Submissions are subject to approval by the administrator. This is a PG-rated blog, anything overly risque or vulgar in subject matter or language will be rejected. (Writers will be notified if submissions are rejected. Administrator’s decision is final). Any submissions not related to writing will be rejected. Any abuse of accounts, i.e. spammers, vulgarity, or anything deemed inappropriate for this blog will result in deletion of account, THIS INCLUDES ANY DRAFTS SAVED!

Those who would like to expand their blog’s audience or for those who enjoy helping their fellow writers may want to consider posting at Write Stuff.