Fiction Writing Opportunity

Mike, over at Kalbzayn’s World had a post today about a “chance to get published that will not take much of your time“. Basically, the web site is seeking flash fiction stories of 55 words. So, first check out Kalbzayn’s World, and then head on over to and submit your story.

Here is my story:


My comrades had fallen hours ago, overwhelmed by the events of the day, their seeming limitless energy depleted. To my left, my sister lay motionless on a mound of rubble, empty hands outstretched. Debris hung from the ceiling and the walls. My ears throbbed, still ringing from the awful, glorious noise.

Man, I love sleepovers.

6 thoughts on “Fiction Writing Opportunity

  1. Nice. It’s funny how much of micro flasth fiction seems to revolve around the last line completely changing the context of everything that comes before it. The story I sent in does that, too. I think next time I write one, I’ll try to not do that and see if I can come up with something different.

  2. Mike, I was thinking that too (a few of the stories on the site did this as well). Oh well, I guess I’m not original 🙂 . I look forward to reading your entry on the site. Congratulations on being picked.

  3. Thanks, but I’m not sure how selective they are being. I think it’s pretty much an open entry thing. I just was talking to one of the people that run the site and he is going to make sure the person that actually gets the emails knows to keep an eye out for your story. Mine will be showing up sometime on Friday.

    As for the surprise twists, I’m not sure I can think of another way to make 55 words interesting. I have enough trouble making it interesting using the twists.

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