Wikipedia Brown

Yesterday I came across Adam Cadre’s Wikipedia Brown and the Case of the Captured Koala, a short story parody of the Encyclopedia Brown children’s detective stories. I got a kick out of it, and now I want to go back and read some of my Encyclopedia Brown books. For those that are unfamiliar with Encyclopedia Brown, check out the Wikipedia link I provided (ironically?). As a kid it was always fun to read books like these where the children are smarter than the adults and are always saving the day and having adventures.

On the NaNoWriMo front, after all that pep talk from the other day, I still almost threw in the towel last night. Our daughter fell asleep later than usual and I had to drive back and forth to town a couple of times to pick up my car, which was at the garage being inspected. I sat there at 10:00 P.M., exhausted, thinking to myself how nice it would be to just lay down and go to sleep. Besides, I thought to myself, there is nothing left to write in this story.

Instead, I wrote a few horrible sentences of dialog. This dialog, though laughable, sparked a few ideas in my head which lead to more sentences and eventually helped me finally answer some plot questions which have been gnawing at me. By the time I was finished writing, I had 500+ words. A meager amount, for sure, but they were 500 very important words and are much better than zero words.

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