Writing Opportunity – Shimmer Magazine Pirate Issue

I just found another writing opportunity over at John Scalzi’s excellent blog. Shimmer Magazine is now accepting submissions for their Summer Pirate Issue. That’s right, it’s an issue completely about Pirates. This seems like a really fun writing opportunity and a chance to be published in an excellent magazine. It is also a paid writing opportunity, with the maximum payment of $30. Here is a direct quote from the site regarding the issue:

Pirates! The word evokes the high seas, deep space and bootleg software. Be honest, who hasn’t wanted to be a pirate? Think of plunder, booty — Avast!

The MS Shimmer has been captured by the Dred Pirate John Joseph Adams, first-mate of the Fantasy & Science Fiction. For the Summer 2007 issue, our pages will be filled with pirate stories. What better way to celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day?

What kind of pirates? All kinds — fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, historical, futuristic, high seas, deep space — if it’s got pirates and it’s speculative fiction, Captain Adams wants it. The usual Shimmer guidelines apply, but with pirates.

Bring us your pirate stories for Summer 2007, the Pirate Issue.

Submission porthole: December 1, 2006-January 31, 2007.

Here are their general submission guidelines. This might make a nice followup project to NaNoWriMo for those who are looking for something to write (and not editing their stories).

Update: Here is a link to what they typically look for in a story.