…And We’re Moblie


It seems like just yesterday that my daughter would lay on the floor, looking lovingly up at my wife and I. Soon after that, though it seemed like an eternity at the time, she started to smile and then giggle at us. Our little one was developing such a personality. Then, she finally rolled from her back to her stomach. The grandparents were so proud! We would all give a hearty cheer when she would roll to her stomach, and then we would help her to her back when she would get frustrated. That seems like ages ago, because things have become very interesting in the past week.

My daughter, almost seven months old, is now officially mobile. She’s not crawling yet, but she has found her own way around that. We still place her on her blanket on the floor on her back, as we always have, with toys surrounding her. She just doesn’t stay in that position very long. She has taken to rolling over to her back, and then to her tummy, and then to her back again. Repeat this a few times and she is now across the room, especially if you take your eyes off her for half a second, or do something stupid, like blink.

This is all exciting and a sure sign she is noticing her surroundings and becoming a little independent. The problem is that she never rolls toward something soft, such as a pillow. No, it seems like she rolls toward the most hazardous item she can find, such as the sharp corner of the fireplace, or a razorblade or something (and no we don’t really have razorblades laying around).

This increased mobility of course coincides with the arrival of our Christmas tree, giving our daughter more incentive to crawl and explore. She has already begun to grab at the low lying branches, ready to eat them I’m sure. Unfortunately, she has also begun to cry when you take away her “toys”, with “toy” meaning anything from a soft plush animal, to something we didn’t see her grab that could do her serious harm. It is an interesting time in my house, for sure.

Just last week my wife and I were discussing putting bumpers on the coffee table and I scoffed and said that it was too early. Well, I guess I’m wrong again.