NHL on Google Video

Sorry to all of my regular readers who aren’t hockey fans, but I just found something really cool that I wanted to share. The NHL is posting entire games on Google Video. This may be the final straw in the “I need high-speed internet at home” self-debate (I get dial-up for free). The games are sorted by team, so you can watch all of your team’s games.

Here is one of the games pitting my Pittsburgh Penguins against the hated Philadelphia Flyers:

8 thoughts on “NHL on Google Video

  1. I totally agree that the NHL needs to get back onto ESPN. The game is much improved since the lockout, but no one is seeing it because it is on Outdoor Life Network (or is it called Versus now?). I am lucky I get Fox Sports Pittsburgh so I can watch the Penguins.

  2. Buffalo, the Rangers and Chicago were my favorite teams to watch. And Colorado. I remember several years ago my wife and I would watch at least 3 games a week.

    If fact, our second date was a Rangers vs. Blackhawks game with Gretzky and Messier.

  3. S William Shaw,
    That is pretty cool that your second date with your wife was a hockey game. I saw Gretzky play the Penguins in Pittsburgh toward the end of his career. He still had an excellent eye for making the perfect pass.

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