There’s a barbecue in my nose

Here is a 100 word story I wrote for a contest Mike had at Kalbzayn’s World this past March. The contest was based on the phrase “There’s a barbecue in my nose”, which his daughter made up. Anyhow, I don’t think I ever posted this here, so enjoy:

There’s a Barbecue in My Nose

She was blonde, beautiful and a total geek. I had not seen her since high school graduation, but it was surely fate that I saw her standing next to the convenience store slushy machine. As I approached her, I couldn’t help but notice her beauty. Even her nose was perfect. I was never happier to be home for my annual family barbecue.

I extended my arms, hoping for a hug. She smiled at me, sending my heart racing as we embraced. “There’s a barbecue in my nose,” I said sheepishly.

Slushy stains are harder to remove than I thought.