My Current Project – The Pirate Story

With the holidays just about over, I am on to my next project, which I have mentioned here before. I am currently working on a short story that I hope to submit to Shimmer magazine for their Pirate themed issue. Well, I finally have a pretty strong idea (in my mind) for my story and some decent notes about certain scenes I can see happening in the story. I even have a rough idea how I want it to end, which is more than I usually have before beginning a story. I’m even doing research on this one, though in my defense it is kinda tough to do much serious research on Santa’s elves. I’ve also been reading Treasure Island, which has been excellent so far and sparked a few ideas in my mind.

I will try to detail my struggles and hopefully successes on this blog as I come across them. If the story doesn’t get accepted by Shimmer, I will be sure to post it here. This one again will probably fall in the humor category, though I initially wanted to write a more serious piece. After reviewing their What we want page, I decided to stick with my strengths and make this one funny, but rest assured it won’t be as silly as We Are Santa’s Elves.

So, any resources you all can think of about Pirates would be appreciated (online resources preferable). Anyone else have an interesting work in progress?

Done with Travel

I’m finally done with my holiday travel today and should be back to posting here regularly soon.  I was able to see pretty much everybody from my family for the holidays, so that is nice.  It will be great to sleep in my own house tonight, though, and hopefully our daughter will sleep better.  She wakes almost every hour when we are away.

On the plus side, my wife got me the Delphi Roady XT XM Radio for Christmas and it is great.  It definitely makes the long trip to western PA more enjoyable.